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High Performance Website Design & Redesign

With our Website Solutions your clients will experience a strong first impression of your Great Capabilities, History and Culture that is critical in connecting with, impressing, and winning new clients.

Our Website Solutions will immediately:

  • Portray your company with a multi-media presentation of your core strengths within 15 to 20 seconds
  • Messaging that is to the point – impressive and powerful
  • Navigation is easy and intuitive

With a Branding tie-in, we can also develop an impressive brochure for you to present to clients in person or to download from your website. Click on website address to go to the company site.


Our Portfolio



– Website ReDesign

New look & new energy for the 21st Century

When you’re a spokes-person for the O&G industry, it’s critical the image conveyed is one which speaks to the next generation of international players of the 21st Century – which we were able to accomplish in collaborating with Mike Wysatta, Business Development Mgr. and Marketing Dir. We jointly developed both this site and their capabilities brochure. This site has a Data Base and 6 Admin Areas.

Petroleum Industry

Website ReDesign

Milestones our customers need to know about

In addition to reaching an industry Safety Milestone – Rig Up Services had also expanded their service offerings and needed a new image to represent their new growth and capabilities. We developed a total Branding solution – including a new logo, tag line, brochure and this dynamic website. We worked with both Roy Johnson, C.O.O and Kevin Laird, V.P. in the development of their marketing.

Fabrication Website

Geophysical Product Website

www.JebcoSeis.com – Website ReDesign
New look for a growing company

In having produced their advertising & tradeshow solutions in the past – we developed this new site and new image with Jan Arter, Administrative Services Mgr.

Auto Dealers Website

www.HoustonCarDealers.com – Website ReDesign
New look for the Auto Show

We worked with HADA in developing this new image & Data Base for Houston’s New Car Dealerships and for the upcoming Auto Show.

Accounting Website

www.AVRub.com – Website Design
New image for an established Software Company

Successfully being in business since the 60s – we developed all their marketing tools including a new logo, brochure and this website for the 21st century.

Bookseller Website

www.EventPlanningBooks.net – Website Design
eBook Collection for Online eBook Stores

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Chef and Writer – Kelly McBride Loft, in the development of this site profiling her many book offerings & accomplishments.

Water District Website

www.WdmTexas.com – Website ReDesign
Growing Company in need of a larger site

We worked with everyone at WDM, in structuring the right solutions in profiling their 33 District / Customer base. We also designed their logo.

MUD Website

www.SmcMud.com – Website ReDesign
Residential & Commercial – larger image needed

Rick Moffatt called on us to redesign their website & logo (we did originally), to a larger site – to profile both their commercial and residential client base which had grown substantially.

Bill Pay Website

www.QuailValleyud.org – Website Design
A new look and a lot of documents

In working with the good people of QVUD – they needed two primary functions to the site: 1. Ease of use and 2. A location to make all their documents available to their customers.

Chamber of Commerce Website

www.SouthBeltChamber.com – Website ReDesign
New contemporary look to recruit by

Sally Mitchell, Exec. Dir. plays host to a variety of VIPs, businesses & members of her Chamber and needed a contemporary image – to recruit new interest and expand membership.

Utility Website

www.HaysUtility.com – Design
A new and exciting look

Mr. Hays called upon us to design a logo & website which captures their culture of professionalism, services and history – which has been serving their communities for decades.

These are few of our website clients – we have many more… ask for the Extended Tour.